Ismeta Dervoz

Sarajevo is life!

Ismeta established herself as a singer with the cult Sarajevo bands, Kodeksi and Ambasadori, then built a successful solo career. She also worked for a long time as editor of the music program for a national TV station. Ismeta is executive producer at Art Forum, an association that helps preserve and develop BiH’s pop-rock scene.


She recently recorded a song, along with former Ambasadori colleagues, Zdravko Čolić, Jasna Gospić and Hari Varešanović, which was written by Zlatan Fazlić Fazla and dedicated to the Sarajevo cable car.

- We are honored that, as Sarajevo kids, we again have the opportunity to be ambassadors for positive changes. I hope the cable car will offer new generations at least the same satisfaction that it gave us.

Musicians should have role models

- FIS, Sloga and Dom Mladih were the first stops for musicians from our generation. We want young musicians to see Dom Mladih as a place to rehearse and perform, and we hope to have a large concert hall built soon.

She says Sarajevo should be visited for the residents who create the legendary atmosphere that is known the world over.

- Sarajevo is life! Nowhere else will you find people socializing like they do here, on every corner. No one can ever go hungry with all of the good places to sit, eat and gather.

As for satiating her own hunger, Ismeta recommends pita at Dervoz buregdžinica, traditional food at Srebrna Školjka at Markale, and fish soup at Boccone and Nello.

- I usually hang out with friends at the cafe/sweet shop, Palma. When someone visits from abroad, we usually go for a walk around Baščaršija, visit Sebilj, Kazandžiluk St, Inat Kuća and Vijećnica, then we watch passersby from one of the charming cafes.

Events and sevdah


- Sarajevo is special during spring and summer, when it is full of tourists. I really appreciate SFFMESS and OK Fest in Tjentište; tourists should visit the War Childhood Museum and Gallery 11/07/95, and go to concerts by sevdah interpreters: Damir Imamović, Amira Medunjanin and Divanhana; and the band, Letu Štuke.

She suggests taking a calming and enchanting walk along Velika Aleja to Vrelo Bosne, and enjoying some skiing on Jahorina and Bjelašnica.

Ismeta says that Srce Sarajeva jewelry from Sofić goldsmith shop, baklava from Sarajbosna and Da Valja magnets all make lovely and memorable gifts from Sarajevo.