Mitja Škarja

Sarajevo is super!

Mitja Škarja is Director of Coloseum Club, the largest casino in BiH, and before he accepted his position and moved from Slovenia to Sarajevo in 2009, he had only been to our city once.


He describes his job as very dynamic and, in addition to its casino, Coloseum Club also serves as a cultural venue for regular concerts, performances, stand-up comedy nights….

- Sarajevans have received me well, shares Mitja, who lives here with his family.

They are all very satisfied with their life here because, as he says, Sarajevans are kind, warm-hearted and open.

Many resons for visiting Sarajevo

Mitja says that those who visit other cities should respect local customs, as this will always make them welcome guests.

- There are many reasons why someone should visit Sarajevo. This is a crossroads between East and West, a place where different influences have been mingling for centuries, a city that has something special and is different from others.

He is sure that Sarajevo tourists take away wonderful experiences and memories and adds that the best advertising a destination can have is to be recommended by a satisfied visitor.

- In order to make the tourist offering more complete, improvements need to be made to infrastructure, railways and roads, thereby connecting Sarajevo to the rest of the world and making the terrific offering of this destination that much more accessible.

Mitja’s daily routine includes Bosnian coffee and a croissant in the morning at home and then he is off to work, where he usually has lunch.

When it comes to Sarajevo’s range of foods, Mitja’s recommendations include the following:

- I love every kind of pita found in Baščaršija, as well as at Bosanski Burek near Grbavica Stadium, and I definitely recommend the burek at Nagib’s. I eat my ćevapi at Petica and feel most comfortable at Tarik Hodžić’s ćevabdžinica, Galatasaray.

He also eats stuffed meat patties at Dženita in Baščaršija, mućkalica at Bašča kod Ene in Sedrenik and enjoys the nearby restaurant, Sedam Šuma – kod Minje.

- When I want to show VIPs Bosnian cuisine, I take them to Kibe Mahala; I take fish lovers to Vinoteka or Libertas and meat lovers to Brajlović.

He usually goes to Sarajbosna for sweets and says that baklava is a must-try.

Every part of town has its own charm

As for his favorite parts of town, Mitja says that every part has its own charm, but the stretch between Baščaršija and Marijin Dvor tells a special story.

- Wilson’s Promenade is lovely for walking and I would like for it to be turned into a korzo, a pedestrian zone, and to be totally closed off to traffic.

Mitja is delighted that the National Museum is again open to the public and he enjoys going to the cinema in his free time, especially during the Sarajevo Film Festival.

- Back in former Yugoslavia, Sarajevo was the birthplace of bands that created a good atmosphere, like Index and Bijelo Dugme. These days, I listen to those songs, sevdalinkas and Halid Bešlić’s music while I am driving.

Mitja thinks that the best Sarajevo souvenir is the Sarajevo Cube and he invites visitors to drink some water from the fountain at Bey’s Mosque and to visit the mountains, Trebević and Bjelašnica.

Mitja urges tourists to visit our city with the following:

- Sarajevo is super!