Esad Tanović

Vijećnica is a must-see destination

Esad Tanović is director of Sarajevo d.o.o., a company that manages some of Sarajevo’s most important attractions, like Vijećnica and the Trebević cable car, while protecting Bijela Tabija and the Jajce Barracks from further dilapidation.


As an electrical engineer, Esad says that, while Vijećnica and the cable car are two entirely different kinds of attractions, they both have enormous touristic potential. The former is a cultural-historical monument from the Austro-Hungarian period, and the latter is a means of transport.

- Since reopening on May 9, 2014, Vijećnica has become a must-see sight for Sarajevans and tourists, who can use audio guides in six languages. Besides many other events, the 3rd Austrian Ball (June 8) and Doors Open Day are coming up, and museum displays will be expanded….

Esad points out that interest in the Trebević cable car, which needs ten minutes to get from the city center up to fresh mountain air, is not waning.

Adrenalin park at Trebević

- Work is underway on the hospitality facility, Vidikovac, at the Trebević station, and there are plans to build an adrenaline park and sports field at the nearby heliport. In the future, Trebević’s offering will be that much greater with bike trails and ski lanes with a view of the city.

The additional sites will offer more reasons for Sarajevans and visitors to head to Trebević more often, and Esad is very satisfied with how well visitors have treated the cable cars.

- We’d like to make an open-air theater on Trebević, for plays, concerts, films, watching sports events….

He thinks that Sarajevo’s major museums should communicate better among themselves, offer combo tickets and not undervalue their offerings with such low ticket prices.

- The renovated Olympics Museum is set to open soon, and, when visiting Sarajevo, one should go to the National Museum, the Tunnel of Hope and other museums that have exhibits about the Siege of the 1990s.

Oriental ambience

- Visitors have to visit Baščaršija, which is abuzz with locals and tourists at nearly every hour of the day. During Ramadan (which falls largely in May), it’s a unique experience to attend mukabelas (recitations of the Qur’an) at Gazi Husrev Bey's Mosque, and there is a pleasant, oriental atmosphere in Baščaršija from the time of iftar until late at night.

Esad insists that Sarajevo, which has the potential to see more development in various kinds of tourism, needs to work on developing its infrastructure.

- We need efficient city transport that is cheap and accessible to tourists all over town, plus more shops that offer global brands, more upscale restaurants….

He encourages Sarajevo visitors to enjoy local cuisine.

- Visitors will enjoy the food, whether they have traditional dishes at ćevabdžinicas, ašćinicas and buregdžinicas, or eat at places like 4 Sobe Gospođe Safije, Amerikanac....