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  • Oprkanj Street is located east of Baščaršija Square and runs south-north, from Bravadžiluk St. to Telali St., and its upper, northern extent comes into contact with the eastern end of Luledžina St.

    It is presumed that this street was first laid out in the 16th century as part of Sarajevo’s old čaršija and, based on one understanding of the word, “oprkanj”, which means a covered street lined with shops, it is believed that this street, or at least part of it, was covered at one time.

    It was called Oprkanj until 1921, when it was named after Danilo Ilić, a teacher, journalist, publicist, politician and member of the revolutionary organization, “Mlada Bosna”, who was born and raised on this street.

    Since Ilić was one of the men behind the Sarajevo Assassination, Austro-Hungarian authorities had him arrested and later sentenced him to death. He was hung on February 3, 1915 in the Sarajevo Military Prison.

    At one point, Danilo Ilić’s family home at Oprkanj 3 was considered a monument and museum in honor of “Mlada Bosna”, since the assassin, Gavril Princip, had lived in this house right before the time of the assassination.

    From 1941 to 1945, the street was changed back to Oprkanj, then renamed Danila Ilića St. in 1945 and then back to its original name in 1993.