Helem Nejse

Here you can breathe with your heart and sing with your soul!

Helem Nejse is a band formed by two Sarajevans who use the stage names, Čika Gagara and Stihomir Klepić. After successful radio careers, they turned to theater and then music audiences.


The Helem Nejse Radio Show, an eclectic radio program that began airing in 2014 on Open Network, brings together a young team that uses satire to look at the challenging times we live in.

- The popularity of the radio show inspired us to do the play, Dani Terorizma, which has been well received by younger audiences at Chamber Theater 55.

Go u gostima

In 2017, the band released their album, Go u Gostima (2017), which talks about life in Sarajevo. According to this duo, the city really lacks a hip-hop club where fans of this genre could gather regularly.

As far as Sarajevo attractions are concerned, in addition to the National Museum of BiH, they really like the War Childhood Museum, which recently received the Council of Europe Museum Prize, given as part of the European Museum of the Year Award.

- We have to boast about having life-long membership to the War Childhood Museum, which we helped open by supporting it in every way.

As for “the most important secondary thing in the world,” they insist that they would rather watch Canton football league matches than big games and city derbies.

- If you want to see real BiH football, go to a game at Butmir Stadium and the annex stadiums, Grbavica and Koševo.

The guys say everyone should go hiking on the Olympic Mountains and partake in the Sarajevo Half Marathon and Giro di Sarajevo.

They add that Sarajevo is a city of walking legends, from public figures and hospitality workers to ordinary people.

- If you want to take a photo with every interesting guy you find, you will take 100-150 selfies per day!

They think the Sarajevan mentality is best shown in BiH films: Teško je Biti FinSavršeni KrugŽaba....

SFF and Festival 84

Jazz Fest Sarajevo, Jurislav Korenić Days and SFF, all of which attract lovely guests and tons of tourists, should be attended. They also recommend music festivals held in nature: EXIT's Festival 84, OK Fest in Tjentište and Trebević Eco Fest.

They advise visitors to tour Baščaršija, eat some ćevapi and drink water from Sebilj.

- If you want to get married in Sarajevo, do so in Vijećnica. Sarajevo is not an expensive city; have coffee at SSH, eat some giblets and ravioli at Sami, and go to Opera for drinks in the evening. If a Sarajevan asks you to go for a barbecue at a weekend house around town, you have to accept; there you’ll try local brandy, cheese, meats….

As for souvenirs, they recommend a Helem Nejse t-shirt, which can be ordered on their Facebook page, and items by local brands, Revolt and Molimao.

The band ended our chat with the following:

- Everyone is welcome in Sarajevo – here you can still breathe with your heart and sing with your soul.