Fahrudin Kučuk

Sarajevo is a city of good people

Fahrudin Kučuk is an award-winning author of many children's books, picture books, poems and plays, and director of FEDU, the Children's Arts Festival (May 3-7).


The 4th Annual FEDU has lined up the best plays from BiH and the region, with the aim of offering kids events that will “awaken the great and noble people they are inside.”

- We merge theater, books, fine arts and music through plays, workshops, exhibits, fairy tale writing contests and pop-rock competitions, so that children are not just observers, but active festival participants.

Rich history

He says it is great that city museums have recently been reaching out to kids, and it bothers him that historical monuments, like Vraca Memorial Park and the one at the site of the Sarajevo Assassination, have been abandoned and left to go to ruin.

Museums show how strong our culture is, and how rich our history is. The Historical Museum of BiH is very important, the National Museum is one of Europe’s best, the War Childhood Museum tells a serious story, which serves as a warning for young generations.

He feels that Sarajevo reflects the experience of the entire world.

- If you put your ear to the ground at some of the overlooks around town, it’s like you can hear sounds of distant history: the tapping of a hammer on Kazandžiluk St., a town crier announcing some news, the cannon on Žuta Tabija, which is festive and mild, calm and endearing to all faiths….

Fahrudin has come to the conclusion that the city has something special that can be felt when first looking upon its buildings from various historical periods, while walking through parks, talking to people….

- I usually show my guests the city from a vantage point, and Sarajevo is different from every side. This mighty, energetic city is always pulsating and changing.

He thinks that more should be done to promote the city’s sports and health tourism potential.

Igman is a fresh-air spa, and it’s possible to do many sports on our mountains.

Special stories

Fahrudin says SFF best represents what Sarajevo truly is – a city of good people. He adds that the terrific food at the best restaurants, like 4 Sobe Gospođe Safije, Maroko, Galija, Hadžibajrić and ASDŽ, also tells special and interesting stories. He highly recommends lunch at 7 Šuma, with its unforgettable view.

He recommends that tourists make a full circle with City Bus, visit Art Kuća Sevdaha and attend live gigs at clubs.

- However, the greatest tourist attraction would be to enrich mahalas and take people to courtyards and rose gardens to experience ćeif and this way of life, along with a traditional breakfast and coffee. Perfect examples are the courtyards at the Museum of Literature and Performing Arts and Svrzo House.

He says paintings of old courtyards, a coffee set, Sarajevo Kocka and Bazerdžan jewelry are the best souvenirs.