Jamie Martin

Sarajevo is a feast for the eyes and the stomach!

Jamie Martin is from America and is Director of the QSI International School of Sarajevo. She has been living in our city since June 2016.


She spent most of her life in Tennessee and after a 5-year mandate as Director of the QSI School in China, she was very happy to move to Sarajevo because, while she has traveled around Europe a lot with her family, they have never had a chance to see what it is like to live in a European country.

- I first heard about Sarajevo during the 1984 Olympics and then while the city was under siege, but it was only after coming here that I really got to know Sarajevo.

Jamie says that our country is very different from China, where she and her family lived before coming to BiH. Her first six months here were spent gazing out the window and admiring the scenery.

Nature in BiH reminds on Tennessee

- The mountains and greenery of this wonderful country remind me of my Tennessee. Family members who have visited really enjoy autumn walks around town and my eldest daughter, who does not live here with us, got to know Sarajevo during the SFF.

QSI has 36 schools in 30 countries and this private school has been operating in Vogošča, a Sarajevo suburb, since 1997.

Jamie enjoys the positive energy she gains from being around young people, since her own children and kids from all over the world attend QSI. This diverse community is interested in having different experiences.

- A few of our students had parts in the musical, Annie, at the National Theater and we are looking forward to skiing on Bjelašnica. My daughter has music lessons in town and she enjoys going to the cinema and theater with friends and shopping in the city malls.

Jamie really likes Bosnian food – pita, ćevapi, baklava – and is especially fond of the ravioli, steak and homemade bread at Dveri and the food served at Klopa.

- After a walk around town, we usually stop off at Franz & Sophie Teashop to relax, and at Mrvica for some macaroons. I have become quite an addict of Bosnian coffee with sugar, so I enjoy this bitter-sweet combination at cafes around town.

Baščaršija and Zvekir

Jamie is always happy to explore Baščaršija with her husband. She bought a complete copper coffee set for the family and says that a Zvekir phone accessory makes the perfect souvenir, as do the many other handicrafts available at the Sarajevo Holiday Market.

For Jamie, Sarajevo is like a hidden gem that is not spoken of very often, but she says everyone should visit because they are sure to enjoy it. She is taken by how everyone she has met here has been warm and welcoming and that these wonderful people make you want to stay that much longer.

- My husband and I have already made some fantastic friends and we have convinced a few colleagues to come and work here next year. Sarajevo is a city that is full of culture and it is a feast for the eyes and stomach.