Nataša Gaon Grujić

Sarajevo is an Olympic city that is full of love!

Sarajevo native, Nataša Gaon Grujić, is Head of Sales for Argeta BiH and is known to the wider public as a columnist with a sharp pen who is a fiery advocate of a multicultural BiH.


So it is no wonder she considers Sarajevo’s entwined cultures and its beautiful city neighborhoods its most salient and loveliest features. She believes that one must come here to see a true convergence of East and West, which shows how different faiths and peoples can live side by side.

- This community among people can also be seen in my family, where Bosnian Jews, Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox Christians live well together and with love. And we all love this country and this city.

Different rhythm

Nataša drinks her daily coffee at Opera, especially in spring and summer, when she enjoys the dynamism of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

- When the SFF is going on, the city simply moves to a different rhythm. Of course, there are other festivals, like MESS, Jazz Fest, Beer Fest, Sarajevo Winter Festival…, that gather artists from all over the world.

Chamber Theater 55 and SARTR are her favorite theaters because the stages are close to the audiences and she likes the actors who perform there.

- I am glad the National Museum of BiH is open again because it offers visitors so much knowledge. The Museum of Literature and Performing Arts and the annexes, Museum of Sarajevo and Vijećnica Museum, are also dear to me and the displays at the War Childhood Museum are moving and remind us of the terrible things that no child in this world should have to endure.

As for night life, she recommends Celtic Pub’s live music and every winter she enjoys parties at the PAN Winter Pub at the Sarajevo Holiday Market. She also doesn’t miss a chance to visit the fairytale-like Jahorina in winter and she enjoys walks along Wilson’s Promenade in the summer.

Favorite dishes

Her favorite street is Prote Bakovića, which is home to her favorite restaurants, and she says everyone should try klepe at Pod Lipom, sogan dolma at Dženita Aščinica and goulash with ravioli and prunes at Dveri.

- I love the intimate Italian restaurant, Fiori, ćevapi at Željo and Hodžić, and restaurants that have a view of town, like Bašča kod Ene, Kod Bibana and Kibe Mahala, where I enjoy kadaif and šljivopita after a great meal!

Nataša usually gives friends baklava from the sweet shop, Sarajbosna and her favorite souvenir is Vučko, the mascot of the Sarajevo Olympics. She describes her city by saying:

- Sarajevo is an Olympic city that is full of love!