Primož Juvan

Sarajevo is ideal for nature tourism

After ten years as director of the Sarajevo office for Schindler, Primož Juvan from Slovenia has turned to his big love – nature – and in spring 2018 he opened Jure Franko on Trebević’s western ridge.


Primož came to our city 15 years ago for ski touring on Bjelašnica, and it was here that he met his ex-wife and started a family.

- I’ve been a big lover of BiH’s natural beauty ever since my first stays in the Stanari and Sitnik mountain lodges on Bjelašnica, which is why I’ve opened my own lodge, Jure Franko.

Jure Franko

A marked path runs from Pino Nature to the lodge, where visitors can enjoy peace and clean air.

- The lodge offers a full view of Sarajevo, some 15 mountain peaks and colorful paragliders can be seen using every suitable wind for a flight. In addition to making natural juices, mountain teas and brandies, on weekends we make stews and fritters with domestic cheese, and we will have 20 beds until the end of August.

He sees Sarajevo as an ideal city for nature tourism because our wild nature makes glamping – a type of tourism that is more sought after worldwide – possible.

- These are not expensive hotels, but minimalist places out in nature. And while you’re in BiH, it’s a pity not to do some rafting and fishing. Must-sees are Novakova Cave in Mokro and Tajan Nature Park, where new species of endemic insects and plants are found every year.

He sees illegal logging of forests, the laying of illegal roads and the installation of hydropower plants as big problems.

- We need national parks, not cities, on the mountains. Revitalization plans must be in place for natural areas that have been damaged after mass visits.

Besides alpinism and being active in the Sarajevo mountain rescue service, Primož is working to clear the path from Miljevići to Trebević’s western ridge, the site of an old Austro-Hungarian cannon position.

- There is an incredible view of the city behind the drywall, where cannons guarded the secured position. It’s another site from Sarajevo’s centuries of history that should be marked, like the ruined Orion Observatory.

Brandy and Tornjak (Mountain Sheep Dog)

Primož recommends traditional handicrafts from Kazandžiluk St. and domestic brandies produced in BiH villages and, for animal lovers, he says families should take the indigenous Bosnian Tornjak as a pet.

He states that Svrzo House, the National Museum and the Olympics Museum attest to Sarajevo’s rich history, and he recommends the mass sporting events Jahorina Ultra Trail and Giro di Sarajevo.

His favorite places are where the Oriental and European join together.

- When friends visit I usually take them around Baščaršija, to have ćevapi at Željo, lunch at Inat Kuća, Vinoteka, Cyrano or Avlija, and then for a beer at City Pub or Pivnica HS.

He’s happy in August during SFF, when there is so much going on that everyone can find some fun.