Top spots for fun during the Sarajevo Film Festival

The largest film festival in the region, the 24th Annual Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), will run from August 10 to 17 and the city will be full of different parties and other events during that time.


The open and covered Carlsberg Beer Garden is one of the venues at the manifestation, Summer in the Park – Hastahana, and during the SFF will host a special program.

There will be warm-up sessions every night starting at 9:00 p.m., with performances of: Saša Ćirić, Duo Dženita & Faja, Duo Haris & Merima, Duo Beća & Faja...

The main program will get underway at 11:00 p.m. and will host: The Babe Barbarella ESFF Band, Filmmusicorkestar, Zlatan Karić & Cover Art, Unplugged Plug, ABBA Real Tribute Band, Pochko & New Primitives Songs, Ina & Open Mind Group, Amy's House - Tribute band to Amy Winehouse and Maja's Jazz Enthusiasm.

Street parade of drummers, majorettes, a marching band and dancers, called Sunny side of Federation, will be held at August 10, from Baščaršija Square to the National Theater, and the same day Ilidža Rock Fest will happen at Ilidža Summer Stage with concerts of: Nervozni poštar, Generacija bez kompasa, Domino efekt, Pank Flojd and Dum Dum.

On August 11, the Historical Museum will host the party Garden of Dreams and Israeli musician - DJ Chaim.

A lot of events around Skenderija

Once again, Skenderija will be one of the top spots to have a good time. For years now it has earned the title of being one of the most interesting parts of Sarajevo while the SFF is running.

The following performers will be giving every night concerts within Sarajevsko After Party, which will be hosted after last movie projections, from August 10 to 17 at Dom Mladih dance hall: Stereo BananaHelem NejseArtan Lili, Songkillers, Sassja, Brkovi, Detour, Jinx, Regina, Damir Urban & 4, Laka and Indira Sforca ex Colonia.

Dom mladih Amphitheater will host: Six & Belly, Bonjasky, Zlatnichi, DJ Jasmina, Ničim izazvan, Psihomodo Pop, Mladen Tomić, Andrew Meller, Skeptik - Pero FullHouse, Avoid - Vladimir Aćić, Andre Crom, Dynnotik, Marko Nastić, Stellar, Francois X and TKNO.

At the nearby Summer Lounge at Skenderija Plateau you will enjoy performances of: RNB Confusion, Dennis Cruz, Franky Rizardo, Aljoša, Six & Belly; RyoIosh; 9voL & Amar K, Digital Seekers, Stellar, Bendzamin & Dizzy Dee...

Visitors can hardly wait Sensation Bridge, a manifestation held every year on Skenderija Bridge (a pedestrian bridge, also known as Eiffel’s Bridge). This year there will be concerts by: Perpetuum Mobile, Kazoo Bend, Bad Copy, Karne, Betty BoomAfter Affair, Let 3 and Cubismo, and many other events will wait you here during the day.

During the SFF, every day from 17:00 to 24:00 hours, you can enjoy in a Party tram whose first station is at Hamze Hume street, at Skenderija tram station. During this drive, you will enjoy sightseeing, nice music and great parties with: Gramophonedzie, Frenkie, Treba mi BASS, Public Users, Nino Selektor, DJ nanE, DJ Six...

Rock, Jazz, Electronic and Tamburitza music ...

Underground Club will be organizing its Sarajevo Rock Fest from August 10 to 17. This year’s edition will include a contest (Aug. 13-16) while in other days, the following groups will be performing: Unplugged Plug, Pips, Chips & Videoclips, 100 % feat Black Beriz Katarza & DJ Kontra, Pop N LookSplitters, M.O.R.T. and Snake Eater.

The cult Sarajevo club, Cinemas Sloga, is a place where you are sure to find good fun and to enjoy Cinemas Fest and performances by the following artists: Tom Novy, Van Gogh, Balkan RnB Night, Berin Buturović...

Pochko & New Primitives, Kawasaki 3pSarajevo Jazz Guerilla and Sarajevo Blues Bang will be playing at Jazzbina.

Club Mash, which is located right next to Trg Susan Sontag (Festival Square) beside the National Theater, is a must-visit place for those who love good music and performances of: Sarajevo Blues Bang, KabloviAnchy and the Moondogs, Darko Poljak Jazztet...

Many interesting parties and events await you at the following clubs: Silver & Smoke, Trezor, SOne Sky Lounge, Aquarius Vils, ProROCK Club Johnny...

You can enjoy tambura orchestras at Pivnica HSPark Prinčeva and Pivnica Sarajevo.

Sevdah evenings and great exhibitions

During his hot weather you can enjoy event Summer at The Yellow Fortress, with Evenings of Sevdah with Jusuf Brkić at August 12, 17 and 26.

Sarajevo Insider Agency is promoting true Bosnian traditions with special Sevdah nights, with musical live performance, tasting of bosnian coffee and some of great traditional sweets.

At the end of the SFF, at August 17, magical ambient of the Hotel Vučko at Jahorina will give premium quality, maximum relaxation and above all a unique techno experience, with Brazilian Techno DJ - ANNA.

During the Festival, art lovers can enjoy major exhibits: 77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno at Historical Museum of BiHTurkey Cinemascope: Nuri Bilge Ceylan at the National Gallery of BiH and Memories in Stone in the National Museum of BiH. Plenty of other installations will be on display at 24 museums throughout Sarajevo.

The Sarajevo Summer Market will be taking place at Trg Djece Sarajeva (in front of BBI Center) to August 23. This promotional bazaar will present original local products, so it is just the place to pick up the perfect Sarajevo souvenirs.

All in all, during these eight festival days, great fun can be found on almost every corner in Sarajevo.

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