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  • This street runs from Čengić Vila in Novo Sarajevo to Stup in Ilidža Municipality, and includes a few smaller streets, which connect to one another.

    One part runs parallel to two main roads, Zmaja od Bosne and Bulevar Meše Selimovića, and the main road that stretches from the Student Dormitory in Nedžarići to the former Energoinvest complex in Stup is also called Džemala Bijedića.

    A good portion runs along what used to be the main road to Ilidža, which was in use even during the Roman period, but, during the Ottoman era, this major thoroughfare connected Sarajevo to the west.

    Up until the end of WWII, the road was divided into two sections, Čengić Vila and Ali Paša’s Bridge, which were united after 1945 to form Ilidžanska St.

    In the meantime, the road was widened greatly, and it now bears the name of Džemal Bijedić, an influential politician who served two mandates as President of the Federal Executive Council in the former Yugoslavia.

    Bijedić and his wife, Razija, died in a plane crash on January 18, 1977, on their way from Belgrade to Sarajevo.