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  • Jekovac starts at the southeastern end of Kovači Cemetery and runs northeast, past Mevlevi Tekke, Žuta Tabija and Iplidžik Sinanova Mosque, ending at the junction of Širokac and Vratnik Mejdan.

    This small street grew during the Ottoman period. One end was part of Kučuk-katibova Mahala (Nadmlini) and the other end, from Žuta Tabija, was part of Iplidžik Sinanova Mahala, better known as Širokac Mahala.

    According to a legend, the street’s name is related to the murder of a prominent Sarajevo judge, Mustafa Nurudin Efendi Šerifija. He was stoned to death by the janissaries on January 6, 1827 for refusing to put his seal on a letter to the sultan which protested the abolishment of janissary infantry units.

    The judge screamed loudly (ječao) during the stoning, which is how this part of town got its name.

    Žuta (Jekovačka) Tabija is in the center of Jekovac and is a remnant of the old fortified town of Vratnik. During the holy month of Ramadan a cannon is fired from this vantage point, marking the time of iftar and the breaking of the fast.