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  • If you are in Sarajevo for the first time, or simply want to find out more about the capital city of BiH, this tour is an excellent choice.

    There's a good chance that, while listening to the local guides, you will not only come to learn some interesting things about the history of the city, and find out why Sarajevo is called a “European Jerusalem,” but you’ll also fall in love with our city.

    The tour starts with a short introduction to the history and origins of Sarajevo and BiH, then you’ll get acquainted with the Old Orthodox Church and hear the legends associated with it. Walking further, you’ll come to the recognizable symbol of Sarajevo – Sebilj – a wooden fountain kiosk on Baščaršija Square that is surrounded by the legendary Sarajevo pigeons.

    From there you’ll head over to Kazandžiluk Street, a street lined with workshops that conceal a centuries-old coppersmith tradition, then you’ll continue all the way to Sarajevo Vijećnica (City Hall), the most beautiful building built in Sarajevo during the period of Austro-Hungarian rule.

    The tour will also take you past Gazi Husrev Bey’s mosque, one of the loveliest mosques in Sarajevo, which is also home to the unique Clock Tower, and here you’ll find out more about these protected monuments.

    At the spot marked by the “Sarajevo – Meeting of Cultures” symbol you'll hear the story of Sarajevo’s Jews, and then you’ll visit the oldest synagogue in Sarajevo. By continuing a few hundred meters further, you’ll come to the Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart, which has a statue of Pope John Paul II (who visited BiH on two occasions) in front. You’ll learn about the Sarajevo Roses on the square in front of the cathedral.

    The tour comes to an end near the Latin Bridge, the spot where the Austro-Hungarian Heir Apparent Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, an incident that triggered the start of the First World War.

    Note: At least two people are needed for the tour to be given; reservations are required.

    Recommendation: Bring your camera, an umbrella or a rain coat (if rain is in the forecast), and wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

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