Zvonimir Nikolić

I’ll always be in love with Sarajevo

Writer and columnist Zvonimir Nikolić has dedicated most of his stories to Sarajevo, the city he was born in and, as he says, he will always be in love with.


To those ringing in the New Year here, he says they’ve chosen a destination that will offer a great time, good food, great socializing, hospitality, and the best New Year’s Eve atmosphere in the region.

- I felt like I was in Vienna at last year’s Sarajevo Philharmonia concert in front of Cathedral (before the actual New Year), and I look forward to this year’s concerts in front of Cathedral and Vječna Vatra, which are more intimate than Trg BiH.

Zvonimir says this is a rich city for all of the cultures that have left traces here.

Special richness in the customs

- It’s rare to see this kind of meeting of civilizations in architecture, because on a walk from Baščaršija to Marijin Dvor you pass through Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and socialist periods, plus you see modern edifices.

He stresses that, in the end, there is a special richness in the customs we have inherited, so there is a common celebratory spirit for all holidays: there’s looking forward to neighbors’ baklavas, Christmas cookies….

- The winter holiday season brings celebrations for Catholic and Orthodox Christmases, Hanukkah and the New Year, and one place where they are all nicely observed is the Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market.

He says visitors should attend FK Željezničar games, ride bikes or take walks along Wilson’s Promenade and visit Safet Zajko Park, with its activities for the whole family.

- Take a break from the hectic city pace up on the Olympic Mountains. You won’t regret it, whether you choose Brus, Sunnyland, Pino Nature Hotel on Trebević, or enjoy fireplace lounges on Bjelašnica or Jahorina after skiing.

He is particularly glad to hear that the City of Sarajevo says it will be putting ski lanes on Mt. Trebević, with a view of the city.

- With Mayor Skaka at the head of city council, they have done a great job renovating the cable car and the Olympics Museum, which should be opened in February, before EYOF starts. We have yet to tap into the full potential of ski and bike paths, sports halls….

Museum of science and technology

- Just as we’re proud of the National Museum, we should feel the same about run-down buildings with rich histories. Instead of standing in ruins, the old electric utility building in Marijin Dvor should be rebuilt to house a museum of science and technology or an arts pavilion.

He says visitors should stay in Sarajevo as long as they can and walk around as much as possible.

- You will feel a metropolitan spirit at Palma, Aquarius Vils has some great concerts, and evenings are for tambura music at Topić Vinery, Pivnica Sarajevo and Pod Lipom in Velešići.

As for souvenirs, Zvonimir says visitors should take Bosnian windows with zvekirs, Sefte craft beer from The Brew Pub, or some excellent wine by Vukoje of Trebinje.