Sarajevo is just like a time machine!

Martin Gaber, Deputy Director of the German Chamber of Commerce in BiH, has been telling all of his friends to visit our city since he came in 2016.


He first visited BiH in 2011 during a bike tour from Banja Luka to Belgrade. He came to like the country he had had such a different view of because of the war.

- I was working at the Chamber of Commerce in Germany and when a job opened up in Sarajevo, I recalled this wonderful country and applied. I moved here in May 2016.

Martin says that being in our city feels like being in a time machine – he can come from a part of town with modern and socialist-style buildings and then come to Ferhadija, which reminds him of Austria, and continue on to Baščaršija, which is just like a little Istanbul.

Feeling of harmony

- I was on Žuta Tabija, at sunset during Ramadan, the first time I heard the cannon that marks the end of the fast. It is hard to describe the feeling of harmony when that sound blends with the voice of the muezzin and church bells. It really is something to experience.

Martin enjoys the view from his home on Soukbunar St. and he often drops by Kod Bibana and Kibe Mahala, where he enjoys the lovely view and grilled lamb.

- I like simple and good foods – ćevapi at Željo, Bey’s soup in the aščinicas, polenta with sour cream and cheese…. Some friends gave me lamb for Eid al_Adha and I enjoyed preparing it, just like I enjoy the baklava.

He likes to watch Sarajevo football and participate in sporting events in nature. While he thinks the cycling infrastructure needs more work, he has praise for Igman’s bike paths.

- I did the Skakavac Trail, Jahorina Ultra Trail and Vučko Trail. The contrast is amazing – to have such a life in a European city where you need only 20 minutes to find yourself in nature, to run, ski…. And you can bike all the way to Jahorina, Igman, Bjelašnica, Skakavac….

He is always keen to visit Umoljani and he enjoys his own little daily rituals in the heart of town.

- Espresso Lab and S-One Sky Bar on the roof of Courtyard by Marriott have terrific espresso, I drink Bosnian coffee in Čaršija and head to Brew Pub and Pivnica HS in the evenings.

Gelender & Maher

Martin finds German easier than Bosnian, which he understands quite well, so he enjoys films during SFF and plays during MESS. He likes Sarajevsko Pivo, as well as the local craft brews, Gelender and Maher, and he says that local plum and herb brandies make perfect souvenirs. 

He tells his guests to visit Sebilj and Kazandžiluk St., where they can buy some nice copper coffee sets, just like the one he has.

- Everyone should see Vijećnica, Sarajevo Brewery, the bob sled track on Trebević, the Tunnel of Hope, the National Museum and its botanical garden. They all tell different stories about the history of this unique city, which is unlike any other in Europe.