Christiane Hohmann

Sarajevo needs to preserve its cultural life

We spoke with Her Excellency Christiane Hohmann, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in BiH, during a ride on the Trebević cable car (her favorite Sarajevo attraction), which offers a wonderful view of the city.


Christiane first visited Sarajevo in 1993 as part of a humanitarian mission, after which she organized medical evacuations from BiH to Germany.

- During those war years, I saw this city at its worst, only to move here – to a fascinating city that is full of life – as ambassador in 2016.

Warmth and hospitality

She describes Sarajevans as sociable, open and active, and she hopes they will never lose their warmth and hospitality.

- For me, Sarajevo and BiH are a discovery, jewels of rich history and wonderful nature.

One of her Sarajevo rituals is to go for a morning run to Kozija Ćuprija via Ambassador Lane, where she planted her own linden tree.

- After a busy work week, a run in the fresh air clears my mind. I also relax by reading in the hammock out in our residence’s garden, my little oasis in the mahala, where the pear and plum trees provide shade in the summer.

Christiane loves to hike and visit Skakavac and Umoljani, where she enjoys tasty homemade dishes. She sees Prokoško Jezero, Sutjeska National Park and Blidinje Nature Park as places of mesmerizing beauty.

- It’s fun to raft on the Neretva, and I hope that more projects like the Via Dinarica project, with its trails along mountain ranges that join countries in the region, will be realized soon.

When traveling through BiH, she usually buys fresh products from small producers, such as raspberries, mandarin oranges, figs...

During the summer, she enjoys Bosnian food with friends at Bašča Kod Ene, and typically visits Dunja and 4 Sobe Gospođe Safije with delegations.

- I eat ćevapi in Baščaršija, fresh fish at Libertas, croissants at Maison Coco…. I like places for non-smokers, like Espresso Lab, and choose S One Sky Lounge for an evening out.

Interconnected Ski Areas

- Better use should be made of the current touristic potential. There should be single tickets for Olympic ski areas, nature should
be protected, paths should be marked.... Road infrastructure and city transportation should be redone because there are some museum-worthy pieces among the Sarajevo trams and trolleybuses.

She declares that she enjoys National Theater’s program, the Roman Empire artifacts at the National Museum, and performances by diva Amira Medunjanin, who sings sevdah from the heart.

- This city needs to preserve its cultural life. SFF and Jazz Fest are terrific, the little city galleries have good exhibits, in some parts of town and on the bob sled track on Mt. Trebević, you can discover interesting graffiti and murals, and Meeting Point shows the best films.

Christiane advises visitors to see our city with local tour guides and to leave with some baklava, domestic teas and a Sarajevo Kocka.