Flore Blancpain Filipović

The diversity of Sarajevo touches peoples’ hearts

Flore Blancpain Filipović was born in Switzerland and came to Sarajevo, her husband Željko’s hometown, in 2015. Here she works on her blog, Foodbyflore.com, and eagerly takes part in the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar every december.


Flore met her husband in 2002 in Eritrea, where they were working for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). She first visited Sarajevo in 2003, after their wedding, and liked it right away.

- I thought I might like to spend some time living here.

She liked Sarajevo right away

After Eritrea, work took them to North Caucasus, Indonesia, Jordan and Geneva, where she decided to start her professional cooking career in 2014. She did her training and then moved here with the family.

- My husband is Chief of the ICRC Delegation and our daughter, who had only come to BiH for holidays, now sees relatives on her father’s side all the time.

They live on Obala Kulina Bana and she likes to have coffee at Delikatesna Radnja. She also enjoys discovering Sarajevo during walks to Markale, Imaret and Kuća Zdrave Hrane, where she buys fine Zlatni Sir.

- I like living on the river, in the center of town, and at the end of summer my daughter and I go to Mt. Jahorina, where we sit on the grass and eat blueberries. Then I buy lots of them from local residents to make jam. It just bothers me that people are not careful about where they throw trash.

In 2016 she started a blog about the food she prepares, as she had been doing on her Facebook profile a few years earlier. She says Željko makes the best baklava and she enjoys restaurants here.

Golf Klub Sarajevo has great French onion soup and steak tartare; I love the stuffed vegetables and ravioli at Kibe Mahala, homemade bread at Dveri and Herzegovinian wines, Tvrdoš and Žilavka.

Tito and Zlatna Ribica

Flore likes books by Ivo Andrić, music by Dubioza Kolektiv and Merima Ključo, and the ambience at Tito Cafe and Zlatna Ribica. She says everyone should visit the Tunnel of Hope, take a stroll through Baščaršija and buy some copper items on Kazandžiluk St., items from BHcrafts on Ćurčiluk St. and BiH products from Balkan Design Shop at Mikser House, which is her new favorite spot, after the Ars Aevi Museum of Contemporary Art.

- Mikser is a unique multicultural space that hosts many events, and it has an exhibit on the ICRC. It is my second home and I recently catered for their Out Of Office – Afterwork Party.

Flore says the National Museum and Historical Museum offer glimpses of the city’s centuries-old history and that Sarajevo's diversity touches peoples’ hearts. 

She invites everyone to attend the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar every december, which gathers embassies, organizations and citizens for a humanitarian cause.