The mentality of Sarajevans is a treasure

Samra Mlinar Mandić is a ballet teacher, a professor of pre-school education and pedagogy and president of Kurser. She is also a  choreograper of the musicals produced by the Institute for Music, Theater and Multimedia.


Samra says that audiences here are very receptive to musicals.

- The shows are well-attended, especially those based on cult films like Annie, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Flashdance….

City of great festivals

She thinks Sarajevo has great festivals: SFF, Jazz Fest, MESS, Juventa Fest….

Ballet Fest showcases modern dance and famous choreographers and I love to attend the contemporary dance festival, ZVRK.

She believes that Sarajevans’ mentality, Baščaršija, the nearby mountains, Vijećnica and the city’s cultural institutions are all Sarajevo’s treasures.

- The displays at the National Museum, the Historical MuseumArs Aevi and Svrzo House are special, as are those at the Tunnel of Hope, which captures the atmosphere during the Siege.

Samra is glad there are more sporting events, including Rolerijada and other races that are held in her neighborhood, along Wilson’s Promenade. She says that she usually goes for walks up on Crepoljsko with her family.

Delicious food

- The mountain homesteads around Sarajevo offer terrific domestic foods, which we enjoy while relaxing in the pristine nature. Everyone should sample local kaymak, yogurt, dried meats….

She says food connoisseurs should try klepe at Pod Lipom, stuffed beef patties at Dženita Aščinica, beef steak at 4 Sobe Gospođe Safije, falafel at Pirpa and tuna carpaccio at Bistrot Duett.

- I have coffee at Mr. & Mrs. Cue or Delikatesna Radnja, I drop by Mikser House, Zlatna RibicaAquarius Vils or Monument in the evenings and I sometimes go dancing at Silver & Smoke.

She adds that the gifts she buys for friends include jewelry by Senad Sofić, who makes replicas of medieval BiH jewelry; the Heart of Sarajevo and modern jewelry from Bazerdžan.