Sarajevo brings a smile to my face

Hungarian Tamas Varga has been living in BiH with his wife, Jasminka, since 2007. He works as a photographer, driving his mountain bike, and collaborates with Green Visions, an ecotourism agency that shows tourists our country’s natural beauty.


His wife is from Tuzla and they met in 2005. They were colleagues in Kuwait, where Tamas worked for an American company that provided logistical support for the US Army.

- We started dating that year, visited BiH the next, got married in 2007 and then moved here.

First big wish

Tamas first big wish came true by touring the Olympic Mountains on his MTB.

- Compared to Europe, where mountain paths are paved, the gravel roads in BiH are ideal for mountain biking.

He says that BiH’s wild nature offers great potential in adventure tourism.

- Mountain biking fans will enjoy the TrebaDH 2018 Downhill race on Trebević on July 1, runners should do the Jahorina Ultra Trail, a race set for July 28-29 on Jahorina; and there’s rafting, mountain climbing….

Tamas spends time in nature with his friend and colleague, Thierry Joubert, co-founder of Green Visions and coordinator of Via Dinarica.

- Via Dinarica aims to promote the mountain paths of the Dinaric Alps, which connect the countries of the region, and it’s complemented by the TransDinarica project, which deals with the development of a bike route.

He says tourists should try healthy domestic food and buy local honey, organic fruits and vegetables, souvenirs and domestic brandy.

- On Lukomir try some mountain teas, stews, fritters with kaymak, and buy some sweater socks from villagers; and on Mt. Vlašić try some polenta, cheese and dogberry jam. Enjoy the engraved furniture by the Nikšić family from Konjic, and wines from the Vukoje wine cellars of Trebinje.

With its vibration and various cultures, Sarajevo always brings a smile to his face.

- In Kuwait I was surrounded by people from all over the world, and it’s the same here, where all are welcome. Sarajevo reminds me of warm Hungary, from the time of my youth.

A gorgeous country

- Everyone should go to Trebević with the cable car and refresh themselves at ČavljakStojčevac and Skakavac. Enjoy the Vrela Tušila lodge on the foothills of Visočica on the way to Lukomir; the peace of Blagaj Tekke, and Prokoško Lake near Fojnica. We must preserve this lovely country, with its rich forests and sources of pure water.

He says visitors should get to know our city via guided tours.

- From Baščaršija, Vijećnica and sacred sites, to museums like the Tunnel of Hope, the National Museum and Gallery 11/07/95, everything in Sarajevo is special.

He is fascinated by the interior of Pivnica HS, and frequents Kibe Mahala, Dveri, Žara iz Duvara and Nanina Kuhinja.

- I love the tea at Džirlo, pita at Bistrik bakery, ćevapi at Ferhatović, ice cream at Egipat; and Sarajevsko Pivo, baklava and kadaif.