Boro Kontić

“Sarajevo is a city of rich surroundings.”

Boro Kontić, director of Mediacentar Sarajevo and an award-winning journalist, sees Sarajevo as a welcoming city, where people from all corners of the globe have been coming for centuries and have been accepted. The same was true for him, when he moved from Nikšić, Montenegro as a boy.


He started his career in 1975 on Radio 202, one of four programs on Radio Sarajevo, and then later started the cult shows, Primus and Youth Program, on Drugi Program.

- Radio Sarajevo started when the city was liberated in April 1945 during WWII, and within almost 50 years it worked miracles on its four channels. It was just like Sarajevo, a warm little home, always open to those who come and are productive, which has left us with such a great heritage.

Musical city

Radio Sarajevo recorded a collection of Bosnian sevdalinka and traditional songs, Vaš Šlager Sezone brought the Sarajevo pop school together, Primus launched the Top Lista Nadrealista….

- Sarajevo’s cultural diversity and exposure to different ways of singing and playing have made the city more musical and have enriched the music scene so much that this treasure should be acknowledged by opening a museum. In London, everyone visits Abbey Road, the Beatles’ studio. Why shouldn’t we honor the studio on Danijela Ozme, where Indexi, Bijelo Dugme and others did recordings?

In 1992, at the beginning of the Siege of Sarajevo, all four radio programs united to form Radio BiH, and Boro founded Mediacentar in 1995.

He believes that through everyday encounters with different people, we constantly have a chance to learn something new and different in Sarajevo.

- In Sarajevo, I first tried Sanjak peppers filled with cheese and the Jewish specialty, boiled eggs that sit in oil. One should know that, right before WWII, Jews had a strong economic and cultural community here, making up nearly 25% of the population.

He points out that the SFF shows the strength of individuals, whose knowledge and efforts enrich Sarajevo.

- We need to start seriously supporting talented individuals and continue to preserve our rich architectural heritage, as well as valuable institutions like the National Museum.

“Homey” places

Boro enjoys hanging out at “homey” places, like Baileys in Pofalići, and Čobanija and Kod Dvije Domaćice. He treats guests to dinner at TavolaZačin and Bašča Kod Ene (which has terrific meat patties).

He says that BiH’s nature is its greatest resource, and thinks the comment made by one boy says it all: “Sarajevo is a city of rich surroundings.”

- I enjoy the charming atmosphere of Bjelašnica, and when I’m in fascinating areas on the way to Lukomir I always imagine how we should put up balloons there, just like in Turkey’s Cappadocia, or that it would be perfect for Wild West films. I traverse the Visočica massif and then go down to Glavatičevo and Boračko Lake, and I love Trebević, Čavljak, Skakavac....