Zana Karkin

Sarajevo is a magical city

Aside from her work at international organizations (UNDP, OSCE and HOPE’87) and a few IT companies, Zana Karkin is the owner of the concept store, Bazerdžan; co-founder of DoIT (an organization that strengthens BiH’s information society) and co-founder of Sitan Vez, which promotes BiH history, culture and tradition.


As a child in besieged Sarajevo, this IT engineer promised herself that she would always contribute to the development of BiH, which she does through the expansion of the IT sector and with Bazerdžan.

- For years, Baščaršija has lacked a shop that offers traditional items for our day and age, so I opened Bazerdžan in 2016 and realized one of my dreams.

Out of a desire to promote all that is lovely and authentic, Bazerdžan will soon be offering “smart” products that reflect modern technology alongside standard pieces by BiH craftsmen and local artists.

Branding of Ćurčiluk veliki St.

- Besides the items made by our creative team, you can also find products by local brands like Bogda, WagaWood, Werkstatt, Molimao, Ruby Red, Plusminus, Kohel..., and the selection keeps changing and growing.

The next step for the Bazerdžan team, in cooperation with Magaza and other neighborhood shops, is the branding of Ćurčiluk veliki St.

- We’d like to see shops participate in thematic weekends, where everyone could help organize things, from an entertainment program to creative workshops and other activities. The aim is for people to spend a nice time in Baščaršija and have some fun.

She thinks coworking spaces like Networks, SEEBA and HUB 387 are important, since they create a synergy that flows from the tech sector to other parts of society.

She can find a comfy corner to work at Kamarija Point of View and Zlatna Ribica, and she enjoys a Princess latte and terrific carrot cake at the Ministry of Ćejf. She recommends poppy seed cake at Rahatlook, and loves to hear live sevdah and shows by KUD at Imidž T (near Sarajevo).

- Sarajevo is a magical and inspiring city, with a rich history, museums, festivals…, and while the pace of life is quickening, Sarajevans still value family, friendship and know how to enjoy life.

Avlija Restaurant


Zana recommends Bosnian food at ASDŽ Aščinica and Avlija. Her father owns the latter, which is in the courtyard (avlija) of the family house where she played as a child. The many gatherings there with family and friends led her father to open the restaurant in 1996, which was adjoined to the family fast food spot, Karkin

Zana goes skiing on Bjelašnica in the winter and hiking with friends in the summer; she swims in Bosnian rivers or takes the cable car up to Trebević, where she can enjoy a view of town, drop by Jure Franko and then head back down on her bike.

- Since I try to show the beauty of BiH in my work, we make many videos with the Bazerdžan collections on top of Trebević, Crepoljsko….