Đorđe Jovančić

Sarajevo is a small city with a big soul

Đorđe Jovančić is a music producer, composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and Director of Muzički Atelje u BiH (MAUBIH), which has its own music-education center, Basics Škola (School).


This Sarajevan says that Sarajevo is one of the prettiest cities he has ever seen.

- This is a small city with a big soul, for there are not many cities in the world that can boast such a history. Sarajevo is special for its mix of cultures and religions, which can be seen on the streets and in places of worship.

Hospitality of Sarajevo brings visitors back

He adds that Sarajevans love to host and that this hospitality is what brings so many visitors back.

- Whether you are walking through Baščaršija, where many important objects are located, or taking in the city’s mahalas, you are sure to be fascinated by the spirit of Sarajevo.

He is very fond of the lovely nature that surrounds the city and he suggests a visit to Vrelo Bosne and the mountains around town.

- TrebevićBjelašnica and Jahorina are great destinations, especially in winter. I love snow and mountains, so when I go to Jahorina this year, I will visit Lavina Hotel (which has a great entertainment and spa program) and try skiing, which I have wanted to do for years.

MAUBIH is in charge of the animation for the EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival), which will be held early in 2019 in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo. He advises everyone to attend some of the qualifying events.

- Generations of Sarajevans remember the 1984 Olympics that were held in Sarajevo and the mascot, Vučko, and these memories have not faded one bit. Such events create memories that last.

As for visitors who want to enjoy cultural outings, Đorđe recommends the National Museum of BiH, the Museum of Sarajevo 1878-1918 and the National Theater and Youth Theater, where he has collaborated on many projects.

- The Sarajevo Holiday Market is also important; it is a winter event that, just like in many other capital cities, gathers people of all ages. I recommend Ribica for some good fun, jazz concerts at Monument and performances by my colleagues at Aquarius Vils.

Sevdalinka and festivals

Đorđe adds that singers like Amira Medunjanin, Božo Vrećo, Damir Imamović... are great at promoting BiH traditions through their interpretations of autochthonous songs – sevdalinka. He says SFF and Jazz Fest Sarajevo are the best, as they represent the city in the best way and attract tons of tourists.

He loves to eat fish specialties at Toplik, along with some fine Tvrdoš wine; he has bey’s stew at Staklo, ćevapi at Željo and likes Druga Kuća.

- I eat the best gluten-free cakes at Mrvica and baklava from Sweet Shop on Abadžiluk St. is what I usually give to dear ones as a gift from Sarajevo.

He adds that Sarajevo is like “a gemischt that is drunk all at once.”

- You cannot experience Sarajevo half-way, but have to totally breathe in all that it offers, all of its beauty and flaws.