Claire Dupont

Sarajevo is a laid-back city

Frenchwoman Claire Dupont, a creative arts teacher at Bloom school, which works by Montessori program, moved to Sarajevo in 2004 to dedicate herself to the arts with former partner, Pierre Courtain.


They first visited Sarajevo in 2002 while students at the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, as part of the Erasmus student exchange program. They fell in love with this city and its people, and two years later decided to move here and start a family.

- We live in the lovely old part of town, and our children, Louis and Lily, have tons of friends, and they see this city as their home.

10m2, Duplex & Gallery 100m2

At first, Claire and Pierre ran a small modern art gallery called 10m2, later renamed Duplex. The project grew to become Gallery 100m2, which closed in December 2017.

- During the years that we were committed to the arts in Sarajevo, we exhibited works by great artists, like Aleksandra Nina Knežević, Lejla Ćehajić, Adnan Jasika.... Pierre ran the gallery and I taught art to young people.

Claire says art lovers should visit Brodac Gallery and Ars Aevi Depot, and one must go to the National Gallery of BiH, the National Museum, Historical Museum of BiH, War Childhood Museum and Despić House.

For Claire, Sarajevo is a laid-back city on the border between East and West, it has a soul and special atmosphere and knows how to enjoy and let a man live freely and have a good life.

- Unlike Paris and world metropolises, here you have time for socializing, life’s little pleasures, a real life. This is a spiritual city that has room for all religions. At the same time, it is much easier to realize goals here, because even strangers will invest special energy to help you.

At the end of the work day, she likes to meditate at Studio Concept, and then go to Žuta Tabija or another place that offers a lovely view of town, where she can enjoy the sunset.

Crepoljsko and Skakavac


When walking along the streets with her children, Claire enjoys skits by street dancers. The kids ride their skateboards and bikes at Hastahana Park, and they will all be participating in the Giro di Sarajevo bike race and the half marathon in September. On weekends they visit Skakavac Waterfall and Crepoljsko, pick mountain plants for teas and enjoy the nature and local food.

- On Mondays, friends and I go to Kino Bosna for live gigs, which are also organized at the small restaurant, Žara iz Duvara. I love to attend concerts by sevdah interpreters and hear great jazz at Mash and Jazzbina, and go to classical music concerts at the National Theater and Dom Armije.

As for lunch in town, she heads to Blind Tiger, ZembiljSushi San and, since becoming more of a vegetarian, she has discovered Kuća Zdrave Hrane.

Claire says the perfect Sarajevo souvenirs are products from Egoist Gallery, hand-made woolen socks in the colors of Bosnian carpets, domestic brandies and Organske Kreme cosmetics.