Dalvin Kadirić

Sarajevo is a short temper that can easily be won over

Dalvin Kadirić is president of Željezničar Mountain Society, which is organizing the 4th Vučko Trail (June 22), a race that covers the loveliest parts of Bjelašnica and Visočica.


This massive event attracts racers from BiH and around the world, and often sees tourists who happen to be here that day.

- Around 650 racers from over 20 countries will test their skills on the 13K, 37K and 63K trails, and next year’s aim is to have a 100+km trail. I’m so pleased to see youth participating, because they learn respect for nature and sport through the race.

Environment perservance

Dalvin believes these events mirror BiH, so he has had the large team ensure the best racing conditions without damaging the environment.

- Our aim is for people to realize that the mountain is their second home, where they can rest, have fun and be active. Željezničar is also glad to participate in Via Dinarica, which aims to make the offering along the trail more complete and provide support for area residents, as well as companies that offer mountain tourism services.

He says Bjelašnica should have more hotels, bars and pubs; an underground garage, an agency that offers nature tours and activities....

- Also, ecologically acceptable bivouacs (remote mountain shelters) are needed for the many mountaineers who are not fond of lodges.

He is glad people are showing more interest in nature, and calls for quad and crosser routes to be marked so that those who enjoy riding can do so without ruining nature and mountain paths, disturbing the peace and posing safety risks.

Dalvin is glad the cable car has made Trebević “our second living room,” for it takes you to the heart of the mountain and into deep silence in about 15 minutes.

- Everyone should see the sights from the cable car, but also go for a walk in town, especially in autumn, when it is the calmest and prettiest.

The spirit of Sarajevo

- Vijećnica and the Historical Museum have some terrific exhibits, and the socializing and parties never stop during SFF. There’s a
great repertoire at SARTR, whose The Secret of Raspberry Jam best depicts the Sarajevo spirit. Every city has character, and Sarajevo is a short temper that can easily be won over; the ordinary people who are quick to take you in and show you a good time make it special.

He recommends the old town charm and ambience of Baščaršija, where everything is interesting; from the hustle and bustle of Sarači and the old trades, to the must-try ćevapi or buredžik at ASDŽ Aščinica.

- To Be or Not to Be, Mala Kuhinja, Paper Moon and Fit Bar are interesting international restaurants, as is the local eatery, Bašča Kod Ene. I love to go to BIS (formerly Imperijal Cinema) for beer, to Silver&Smoke for dancing and I go to non-smoking places with the kids: Spazio Gourmet (Marijin Dvor) and Oaza (Ilidža).

Dalvin recommends practical souvenirs like SAMUSA jewelry, which alludes to Sarajevo and illustrates its accessibility.