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  1. Bijele Vode Mountain Lodge

    Bijele Vode Mountain Lodge

    Around Sarajevo

    Bijele vode, Bjelašnica, Sarajevo | Map

    Around Sarajevo The mountain lodge, Bijele Vode (1,451 m), is located about 35 km southwest of Sarajevo on the outskirts of Mt. Bjelašnica. More

  2. Dobre Vode

    Dobre Vode

    Around Sarajevo

    Sarajevo | Map

    Around Sarajevo Half way to the top of Trebević there is an area called Dobre Vode, which is known as one of the main sources of water on this mountain. More

  3. Fojnica


    Around Sarajevo

    Fojnica | Map

    Around Sarajevo Fojnica is located in central BiH, about 60 kilometers northwest of Sarajevo. More

  4. Husremovac Mountain Hut

    Husremovac Mountain Hut

    Around Sarajevo

    Husremovac, Dejčići | Map

    Around Sarajevo The Husremovac Mountain Hut is about 30 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo and is situated at the foot of the mountains, Bjelašnica and Treskavica, putting it at an elevation of nearly 1,000 meters above sea level. More

  5. Igman


    Around Sarajevo

    Igman | Map

    Around Sarajevo The Mt. Igman plateau lies 24 km to the southwest of Sarajevo, and there are several settlements that lie at the base of the mountain – Ilidža, Hrasnica, Vojkovići, Hadžići.... More

  6. Igman-Malo Polje Mountain Lodge

    Igman-Malo Polje Mountain Lodge

    Around Sarajevo

    Igman, Sarajevo | Map

    Around Sarajevo The Igman-Malo Polje Mountain Lodge is located on Mount Igman’s Malo Polje, about 30 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo. More

  7. Jahorina


    Around Sarajevo

    Jahorina | Map

    Around Sarajevo The mountain, Jahorina, is 28 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo and Ogorjelica (1,916 m) is its highest peak. More

  8. Javorov Do

    Javorov Do

    Around Sarajevo

    Bjelašnica, Sarajevo | Map

    Around Sarajevo The Javorov Do resort on Bjelašnica mountain is 25 kilometers from Sarajevo and 2.5 kilometers from Bjelašnica Ski Center (ZOI '84). It is located at an altitude of 1,300 to 1,345 meters. More

  9. Malo Polje

    Malo Polje

    Around Sarajevo

    Igman, Sarajevo | Map

    Around Sarajevo Malo Polje is the name of the rolling plateau on Mt. Igman, about 30 kilometers from Sarajevo, that offers visitors a perfect chance to do a variety of sports and recreational activities. More

  10. Orlovača


    Around Sarajevo

    Sumbulovac | Map

    Around Sarajevo Orlovača Cave is best known for its incredibly rich array of decorative cave formations (stalactites and stalagmites), as well as for the Mesolithic pottery shards that have been found here. More

  11. Park Betanija-Jezero

    Park Betanija-Jezero

    Around Sarajevo

    Alipašina, Sarajevo | Map

    Around Sarajevo Park Betanija-Jezero is located all of 15 minutes from the center of town, on the sloped area below the city’s birthing center, and it’s one of Sarajevo’s largest parks. More

  12. Raj u Raju

    Raj u Raju

    Around Sarajevo

    Idbar, Idbar | Map

    Around Sarajevo Raj u Raju Ethno-Eco Village is about 60 km from Sarajevo. While on the M17 Highway (Sarajevo-Mostar), take the exit at Čelebići and continue another 5 km toward the village of Idbar. More

  13. Rakitnica Canyon

    Rakitnica Canyon

    Around Sarajevo

    Konjic | Map

    Around Sarajevo Rakitnica River, one of the largest tributaries of the deep Neretva River, has carved a largely inaccessible, 26-kilometer-long and incredibly beautiful canyon between Bjelašnica and Visočica Mountains. More

  14. Sarajevo's Ozren

    Sarajevo's Ozren

    Around Sarajevo

    Ozren | Map

    Around Sarajevo Sarajevski Ozren – a spacious and hilly plateau northeast of Sarajevo and only a 30-minute drive from the center of town – is an ideal destination for those who crave some fun in untouched nature. More

  15. Sinanovići


    Around Sarajevo

    Bjelašnica, Visočica | Map

    Around Sarajevo The village of Sinanovići is located between the mountains, Bjelašnica and Visočica. Located about 50 kilometers from Sarajevo, it's an ideal spot to get away from the bustle of town and enjoy some silence and clean ai... More