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  1. Studeni potok

    Studeni potok

    Around Sarajevo

    Bjelašnica | Map

    Around Sarajevo The valley of Studeni Potok (stream), is located near the village of Umoljani, on the southern side of Bjelašnica, about 50 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo. More

  2. Trebević


    Around Sarajevo

    Trebević | Map

    Around Sarajevo It’s hard not to notice Trebević, with its distinctive peak towering over the south side of Sarajevo. More

  3. Umoljani


    Around Sarajevo

    Bjelašnica | Map

    Around Sarajevo The village of Umoljani, on Mount Bjelašnica, is about an hour’s drive from Sarajevo. More

  4. Veliko Polje

    Veliko Polje

    Around Sarajevo

    Igman, Sarajevo | Map

    Around Sarajevo Veliko Polje on Mt. Igman is a favorite picnic spot for Sarajevans, in winter and throughout the rest of the year. Nestled in the middle of a deep pine forest, Veliko Polje is classed among some of the best locations in... More

  5. Bey’s Ethno Village

    Bey’s Ethno Village

    Around Sarajevo

    Nišićka visoravan | Map

    Around Sarajevo Bey’s Ethno Village is nestled in the thick forests of Nišićka Plateau (1,400 m) and this complex is an authentic replica of a Bosnian mountain village. More

  6. Bijele Vode Mountain Lodge

    Bijele Vode Mountain Lodge

    Around Sarajevo

    Bijele vode, Bjelašnica, Sarajevo | Map

    Around Sarajevo The mountain lodge, Bijele Vode (1,451 m), is located about 35 km southwest of Sarajevo on the outskirts of Mt. Bjelašnica. More

  7. Dobre Vode

    Dobre Vode

    Around Sarajevo

    Sarajevo | Map

    Around Sarajevo Half way to the top of Trebević there is an area called Dobre Vode, which is known as one of the main sources of water on this mountain. More

  8. Fojnica


    Around Sarajevo

    Fojnica | Map

    Around Sarajevo Fojnica is located in central BiH, about 60 kilometers northwest of Sarajevo. More

  9. Husremovac Mountain Hut

    Husremovac Mountain Hut

    Around Sarajevo

    Husremovac, Dejčići | Map

    Around Sarajevo The Husremovac Mountain Hut is about 30 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo and is situated at the foot of the mountains, Bjelašnica and Treskavica, putting it at an elevation of nearly 1,000 meters above sea level. More

  10. Igman


    Around Sarajevo

    Igman | Map

    Around Sarajevo The Mt. Igman plateau lies 24 km to the southwest of Sarajevo, and there are several settlements that lie at the base of the mountain – Ilidža, Hrasnica, Vojkovići, Hadžići.... More