Thomas Crauk

Everything is possible in Sarajevo

French director Thomas Crauk moved to Sarajevo in November 2017 to make a film about the music scene during the Siege of the 1990s.


- Watching Rémy Ourdan's The Siege, I was taken by the strength of Sarajevans and became obsessed with the idea of making a film about the young people who continued to have fun and make music during the Siege.

He visited Sarajevo with Rémy during the 2016 WARM Festival.

A city of wounded beauty becomes a city of parties

- I felt at home right away. People were relaxed, modest, they made me feel welcome and showed me respect that I wouldn’t have gotten in Paris. I could hardly wait to attend SFF, when Sarajevo turned from a city of wounded beauty into a city of parties, and after that I decided to move here.

Thomas sees Sarajevo as a safe place to live, a base from where he can write screenplays for French clients, and where he can work on his new film. He says that everything is possible here because Sarajevans are intriguing people with many interests, and they have turned their frustrations into art.

- I usually work in the reading room at Gazi Husrev Bey’s Library and at Meeting Point Cafe. Milomir Kovačević Strašni’s photos are the best reference points for my film. They are powerful, poetic, with strong contrasts and messages.

At Boris Smoje Gallery, he always meets someone and they end up spending the whole evening together, going to Kino Bosna, Blind Tiger, The Bar or Silver & Smoke.

He loves to eat burek on Bravadžiluk St., stuffed peppers at Barhana….

- After some mućkalica at Avlija, I like to drop by Dunja for some pear brandy, and I go to the oriental Morića Han and Dijalog for coffee.

He likes the fact that 20 minutes from the center he is in nature, and he is very fond of Kozija Ćuprija and Promaja cabin on Skakavac, where he delights in the view of the waterfall and pine needle brandy.

He’s glad when it snows, because in winter he often goes to Bjelašnica, where he enjoys snowboarding in the clean air.

- Driving freely among the trees on Bjelašnica is incredible. The only problem is that there is no regular transport up to the mountains.

Insane Insan

Thomas started Insane Insan with musicians from Sarajevo’s well-known Sikter, and the former will have its debut this month with an album. He loves Jazz Fest, Pravo Ljudski and Javorwood, he would love to see more world premieres at SFF, and for Sarajevo to have one grand music festival with world-famous stars.

He says Sarajevo has become a must-see destination for friends and family. When they visit, he gives carpets, takes them on walks around mahalas, to concerts at Dom Mladih, to the Historical Museum and Tito Cafe.

- It would be great to introduce a direct flight to Paris, and more low-cost flights, because this city would surely be overflowing with tourists from Europe.

He shares the following for visitors:

- Listen carefully to people in Sarajevo, for one comes to know this city by hanging out with its residents.