Amina Krvavac

Sarajevo is a charming and pleasant city

For Amina Krvavac, who has a master’s in Children’s Rights and is director of the acclaimed War Childhood Museum, museums are interactive places that can spur social change.


In this light, in addition to its permanent displays, the War Childhood Museum is working on an exhibit about the experiences of Syrian refugee children who are living in camps all over the world.

- For these children, it is very important that their everyday experience include positive things. They are fascinated that people who went through a war now run a museum and share their experiences with others, because this shows there is hope for them to have a better future.

A rich collection

The museum’s rich collection comprises over 4,000 items and continues to grow. There are about 50 items on display at any time, and the stories housed within are presented to the public through traveling exhibits. A museum app shows when displays are changed, and a large digital multimedia archive is in the works.

Amina recommends a visit to the National Museum of BiH, Svrzo House and Ars Aevi Art Depot. The last is in urgent need of having an adequate museum built to house its major collection of modern art.

- Sarajevo is full of creative people and has interesting events year-round, but during the SFF, Jazz Fest and MESS, the city is simply sparkling. I often attend plays and Philharmonic concerts at the National Theater, and on Sundays I take my daughter to plays at Youth Theater.

She says that all who visit this city, which is so rich in culture and history, will discover many interesting things by walking the streets, and she suggests they visit the old part of town and the surrounding mountains.

- Sarajevo is a charming and attractive city that is just the right size, it’s suitable for family life. It would be even lovelier if parking on sidewalks was banned; bike paths need to be improved and there need to be more places for non-smokers.

During winter, Amina skis on Jahorina, regularly visits Studeni Potok, Lukomir on Bjelašnica and Crepoljsko, and she recommends horseback riding and children’s camps at Lazy Horse and Pegasos riding clubs.

Gastro recommendations

She often has lunch at Preporod and Avlija; both are near the center, and far from city noise.

- One has to visit Bašča Kod Ene and Kibe Mahala on the hills around Sarajevo for their excellent food and wonderful views.

She chooses Ministry of Ćeif, Rahatlook and Tito Cafe for a relaxing coffee break; enjoys cakes at Torte i to (perfect for non-smokers), and loves to socialize in the evenings at Boris Smoje Gallery and Kino Bosna.

- Dekanter has some great wines. As for domestic wines, I prefer Barique Blatina and Tvrdoš, and I take cherry or walnut brandy.

She supports creative initiatives by local designers, and recommends souvenirs at Bazerdžan, Kutcha and BH Crafts, as well as Damir Imamović’s Sevdah (book and CD).